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Please consult and add to the listing below of Geography related serial publications and/or scientific journals, either online or hard copy published on or in the American hemisphere.

(Recommended to add them in alpha order.)

The Directory of Open Access Journals.

annalscover.jpg Annals of the Association of American Geographers (English, Abstracts in Spanish available January 2008)
anuario.gif Anuario de Estudios Centroamericanos
none.jpg Caminhos de Geografia (English, Portuguese)
none.jpg Estudos Geográficos: Revista Eletrônica de Geografia
none.jpg Geobuzon
geo.gif Geografia
jlag.jpg Journal of Latin American Geography (English, Spanish)
LAS.jpg Journal of Latin American Studies
lap.jpg Latin American Perspectives
pgcover_resize.jpg The Professional Geographer (English, Abstracts in Spanish available January 2008)
rgv.jpg Revista Geográfica Venezolana
none.jpg Revista Universitaria de Geografía (Argentina)
rvr.jpg Revista Virtual de Red de Desarollo Sostenible y Medio Ambiente
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