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AAG Guide to Geography Programs in the Americas

guide.jpg AAG Guía a Programas de la Geografía en las Américas
AAG Guia para Programas de Geografia nos Américas

With the purpose of fostering communication among geographers of all of the Americas, you are cordially invited to list your geography program in the AAG Guide to Geography Programs in the Americas. The Guide serves as a complete and invaluable reference for faculty, prospective students, government agencies, and private firms in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Listing your program in the Guide will ensure that geographers and prospective students who want to contact you will be able to learn what your program does and will know how to reach you.
This year, we are offering to include the description of geography programs in Latin America at no charge.
The AAG will send you a free copy of the Guide upon publication. You may purchase additional copies at $25.00 each plus shipping. If you have any further questions, please email gro.gaa|ediug#gro.gaa|ediug.
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