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Careers in Geography

Carreras en la Geografía
Carreiras na Geografia
Carrières dans la Géographie

takeyouthere.jpg /resources/takeyouthere.pdf Geography Flyer (English)
geografiaesp.jpg /resources/geografiaesp.pdf Volante de Geografía (Español)
cbr.jpg Geography Careers Brochure (English)
naturemag.jpg Nature Magazine Article (English)

Guide to Effective Mentoring

Dr. Stan Brunn (2008)
advisingstudents.pdf PDF in English
mentores.pdf PDF en español

Guide to Time Management

Dr. Ken Foote (2008)
timemanagement.pdf PDF in English
tiempo.pdf PDF en Español

Guide to Preparing Competitive Research Grant Proposals

Dr. Patricia Solís, AAG (2008)
/funds/prepareproposals.pdf — PDF in English
/funds/propuestas.pdf — PDF en Español

AAG Developing Regions Membership Program

AAG (2008)
/start/engflyer.pdf — PDF in English
/start/spflyer.pdf — PDF en Español
/start/portflyer.pdf — PDF en Português

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