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The AAG offers deeply discounted membership to geographers in Developing Regions, including many countries in Latin America. Receive the same benefits except for journals and the newsletter in digital format online only.

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This collaboration space is being created by geography students, faculty, and professionals to celebrate and facilitate stronger connections among us throughout the American hemisphere. We aim to consolidate and build upon our work as individuals, institutions, and collaborators — together advancing geographic research, education, and outreach in the Americas, from Canada to Tierra del Fuego.
In this spirit, the format of this website is a wiki, allowing collaborative authoring and posting. Wherever possible, multiple translations are provided. Help us improve this site by joining as a member and participating in its development.
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Working together, across international, cultural, and linguistic borders, we are creating new spaces for geographers to make a difference in our discipline, our universities, our companies, and our society.

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Panel participants from "The Current State of Geography in Hispanoamerican Countries," organized for the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers in Chicago, Illinois, USA, on March 10, 2006; from left to right: Dr. José L. Palacio (International Geographical Union; National Autonomous University of Mexico); Dr. Alberto McKay (University of Panama); Dr. Hugo Romero (University of Chile); Dra. Ana María Liberali (Alexander von Humboldt Research Center, University of Buenos Aires); Dr. Hildegardo Córdova Aguilar (Pontific Catholic University of Peru); Dr. David Robinson (Conference of Latinamericanist Geographers, Syracuse University); y Dra. Patricia Solis (Association of American Geographers, in back).

Participantes del pánel, “El Estado Actual de la Geografía en los Países Hispanoamericanos,” organizado por la Reunión de la Asociación Americana de Geógrafos en Chicago, Illinois, EE.UU., el 10 de marzo de 2006; de la izquierda a la derecha: Dr. José L. Palacio (Unión Geográfica Internacional; Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México); Dr. Alberto McKay (Universidad de Panamá); Dr. Hugo Romero (Universidad de Chile); Dra. Ana María Liberali (Centro de Estudios Alexander von Humboldt, Universidad de Buenos Aires); Dr. Hildegardo Córdova Aguilar (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú); Dr. David Robinson (Conferencia de Geógrafos Latinoamericanistas, Universidad de Syracuse); y Dra. Patricia Solis (Asociación Americana de Geógrafos, atrás).

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